The Joy Black Bursary Fund

Co-Founder of Cowan House Preparatory School, Joy’s love and dedication for the school and the children who attended it, is a cornerstone of the institution we enjoy today. In a teaching career that spanned almost 60 years, Joy Black taught some three generations of children, some now grandparents themselves, and she worked alongside five of Cowan House’s seven headmasters, including her own son, Chris Black. Joy is especially well remembered and appreciated by numerous past pupils, many of whom still attribute their ability to read or spell to the extra lessons they attended with Mrs Black during their early school years.

At present, Cowan House offers bursary and financial assistance (on application) to several deserving pupils through its own school funds. The Foundation seeks to offer a more sustainable vehicle, by providing an established framework whereby donors can contribute to a specific bursary fund, managed by the Trust and thereby alleviating the pressure on operational school finances.

The Fund will enable the school to offer places and financial assistance to prospective and current Cowan House children, who display a variety of exceptional characteristics making them suitable candidates. Cowan House will continue to facilitate the selection of these pupils through its regular admissions process, with the Trust providing the funding.

Bursaries and financial assistance are of great importance within our schools and within our country – not only to attract a culturally diverse group of pupils but also to be able to afford a quality, private education to those who may not have the means or access to this ordinarily.