Messages from the Head & Chairman

At Cowan House, education is dynamic, innovative and stimulating in a kind and caring environment. We aim to create an enriching space which provides experiences and opportunities for young minds to be challenged and developed, acquiring the necessary skills to embrace a rapidly changing world. Cowan House strives to produce bold decision makers, intuitive reasoners, lateral thinkers, problem solvers, moral and ethical human beings, as well as responsible citizens. To achieve our aim and objectives requires much running capital and this cannot be achieved solely through school fees. Other streams of income play an important role in the future success and sustainability of our special school. A successful Cowan House Foundation is crucial to our future generations. We would love to partner with you to see this vision become reality!

Derek Braans, Cowan House Headmaster

For three generations we, as a family, have passed through the Cowan House gates, as pupils, parents and grandparents. In this time the values and beliefs of Cowan House have not wavered. Since its foundation by David Black in 1948, the School has moved premises, survived a devastating fire and successfully introduced girls, and it continues to adjust today to an ever-changing educational landscape. It is essential for us to adapt and change in order to ensure that Cowan House remains a leader in primary school education. The fast-changing economic conditions in our country, rising costs, inflation and slow growth mean that a school can no longer rely on its school fees alone to ensure that it remains financially secure and at the forefront of a modern and relevant education. The decision was therefore made in 2015 to establish the Cowan House Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to create a capital fund to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the School through a variety of channels. This would thereby allow it to focus on the sound educational principles on which it is based and to continue to offer its pupils the best possible education.

Bruce Peattie, Cowan House Foundation Chairman