The Foundation

Affordability is one of the biggest challenges facing Cowan House today, as it is with all independent schools worldwide. The ever-increasing fees associated with offering a quality education remains a challenging factor in the success of recruiting children to our school.

Our formal fundraising initiative allows us to grow our capital requirements and campus facilities while keeping fees within the reach of students who would benefit most from such an education. This in turn, allows us to provide for those who would otherwise not have access to a privileged education. 

The Cowan House Foundation aims to serve our alumni and school community, ensure financial stability and continued educational advancement.

objectives of the cowan house foundation

  • Provide funds, assets and resources for the support, development and long-term financial sustainability of Cowan House Independant Co-educational Preparatory School.
  • Support pupil and staff development.
  • Raise and administer funds and acquire assets to perpetuate standards of excellence in the academic, sporting and cultural spheres of the school.
  • Promote and encourage the continued development of social, cultural, academic and sporting interests, clubs and societies at Cowan House.
  • Grant loans, donations, bursaries and render financial assistance to above mentioned interests.
  • Provide subsidised education to potential and current pupils from any race, colour or creed including children of past pupils who ordinarily would not have the means to attend the school.
  • Support projects and programmes which have an impact on the broader community including educational, environmental and upliftment outreach programmes.

The mandate and activities of the Foundation shall be carried out in a non-profit manner and with an altruistic and philanthropic intent.

Cowan House Foundation Trust

The Cowan House Foundation is a registered Trust created for the purpose of ensuring the
long-term financial sustainability and continued educational advancement of Cowan House School.
The Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees and is subject to an annual audit. It is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (204-325NPO) and has been approved as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO Number: 930062558) in terms of the provisions of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962. Donations to the Cowan House Foundation are tax deductible in terms of Section 18A. Both individuals and corporates are entitled to deduct donations for up to 10% of
taxable income. Simply put, money which otherwise would have been spent on tax can be donated instead for the benefit of our children.